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Thermal Wire and Cable, LLC Will Solve Your Toughest Wire and Cable Application Providing wire, cable, and accessories designed to operate in a wide temperature range (+1000°C through -196°C) requires a great deal of experience selecting the proper raw materials for wire and cable constructions and applications. Your one and only experts for high temperature wire!
  • UL Listed Cable
  • UL Recognized Cable
  • QPL/Mil-Spec Wire
  • CSA/CE Certification


  1093°C 600V Vacuum Cable   
After years of research and development with vacuum process OEMS, Thermal Wire and Cable has developed a truly unique Vacuum cable that is designed for extremely high-temperature applications.
These cables are designed for a range of Vacuum cable feed through systems and chamber cables and related applications. Pure nickel conductors are often employed and go through a rigorous cleaning process that removes drawing fluids, oils, and other contaminants that are common to stranded conductor metals. This proprietary process greatly reduces the potential off-gassing of processing materials employed as manufacturing aids in its production.

 538°C (1000°F) MTG Fluid/Oil Resistant Extra-Flexing High Temperature Cable Single Conductor
MTG Flexing, oil resistant cables are engineered for applications where the cable is expected to perform in extreme heat related issues such as coke oven batteries, ladel cars, hot metal transfer cars, shielded and/or armored blast furnace instrumentation cables etc and other applications of an extreme nature where extreme heat resistance is required and moisture/oil and fluid resistance is required. This is absolutely the best high-temperature cable available. Designed to pass MIL-W-25038 flame test for missle lead wire (shake and bake).

 538°C (1000°F) Extreme Heat Ribbon Cable
* Nickel-Plated Conductors Thermal Wire and Cable offers an extreme heat flat ribbon cable for high temperature resistant applications often found in the petrochemical or commercial industries. The extreme heat flat ribbon cable offers heat resistance to 538°C (single wires are UL recognized to 450°C), excellent flexibility upon installation, and various configurations to fit your application. Constructions are available from 2 to 64 conductors in various AWG sizes. Please contact the sales department for additional details on your specific construction. Low minimum order quantities on pre-made items and quick turnaround times on made to order items make Thermal Wire and Cable a great source for your high temperature resistant ribbon cables. 

  250°C (482°F) PFA Ribbon Cable High Temperature Cable
 Nickel-Plated Conductors Thermal Wire and Cable offers PFA flat ribbon cable for various applications. Whether it is for mass termination in high temperature applications or fitting a chemical resistant cable into a tight application, the PFA ribbon cable will get the job done. The PFA flat ribbon cable offers heat resistance up to 250°C, excellent chemical resistance, premium performance dielectric insulation, and various center spacing options to fit your application. Constructions are available from 2 to 64 conductors in various AWG sizes.

  250°C (482°F) SRML Silicone Rubber Motor Lead Wire 600V Single Conductor
Thermal Wire and Cable's Type SRML insulated cables offer a wide service temperature range of -65°C to + 250°C and are quite flexible in nature. Silicone rubber compounds have much greater resistance to high temperatures and are available and presently being used in applications of an extremely severe nature. Typical applications include wiring of motors, fixtures, appliances, etc.
Sil-V silicone rubber is very resistant to extremely low temperatures. The brittle point of the compound used is typically below -150°F. When heated beyond the maximum serviceable temperature rating or if burned, Sil-V silicone rubbers leaves a non-conductive silicone dioxide ash, which is an excellent dielectric that permits continued operation of the cable for an indefinite period, if left undisturbed. This flame resistance is greatly enhanced due to the cable being augmented with a treated overall glass braid. The cost per 1000 ft is less than Fluoropolymer insulated cables.
Sil-V insulated cables resistance to chemicals is excellent and a table is available to determine useful life in oils, bases, hydraulic fluids and solvents

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